58358 Explorer 300 Pro set w/oars + pump


The Explorer Pro 300 Boat Set can easily carry two adults and one child for an adventurous day out on the water. Three different air chambers keep the boat solid with the capability of carrying 440 lbs. The floor has an inflatable I-beam to support you and your passengers. Included are two oars for quick travel, adding versatility to the places you can go. Welded on either side are two oar locks that keep the oars in place as you row. The all -around grab line lets you tow the boat when needed. To inflate the boat use the Intex Double Quick I Hand Pump that inflates on the fore and backstroke to maximize efficiency. At the end of a great day, quickly deflate with the Boston valve on the main hull chamber.

Art. 58358  Explorer 300 Pro Set with oars and pump

Capacity 200kgs (440lbs).
Comes with 1 pair of french oars with oar retaining ring.
Size when inflated - 96" x 46" x 14" (244cm x 117cm x 36cm).
Quick fill fast deflate Boston valve on main hull chamber.
3 air chambers including inner auxiliary chamber inside main hull.
Shipping weight: 9 kg

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